Dr. Karen White, Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Karen White, CADC, NCRS, RCT began her journey with TEECH foundation as an educator in 2012. She has worked in the areas of Business Management, Accounting, and Computer Operations. Dr. White is currently an Educational Organizational leader, Certified Addiction Counselor, National Certified Recovery Specialist and Certified Recovery Coach Trainer amongst other certifications which was obtained throughout her extensive history of working in the field of recovery and mental health with agencies such as, Haymarket Center and Gateway Foundation. Dr. White implemented the holistic approach and the need to focus on behavior and thinking patterns to assist with developing healthy individuals. This made a drastic change within the organization as it relates to individuals maintaining recovery, becoming mentally stable and productive within society.


Dr. White understands that the multiple pathways of recovery, individualized care, peer and recovery coaches, family, friends, and community are the keys to long-term recovery.  


Transforming, Educating, and Empowering Children and Humanity (TEECH) Foundation was founded in 2002 and we are a holistic 501c3 not-for-profit organization. We are a substance use prevention and recovery (SUPR) provider, Far Southside Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) provider, and member of the United Mental Health and Recovery Coalition (RCO). We provide peer-driven and peer-led recovery support services (RSS) to individuals who are seeking assistance with substance use and mental health. We aim to make a difference in people's lives by increasing public awareness of substance use and mental health services. 


We are committed to assisting an individual's walk through many pathways by using their voices to address stigmas attached to addiction. TEECH believes long-term recovery from substance use disorders is dependent upon the delivery of services that are not only responsive to individual's use of alcohol and other substances but also co-occurring trauma effects, mental health issues, physical health problems, and ongoing recovery-related concerns.


TEECH offers evidenced-based holistic services that strive to assist individuals in maintaining their recovery. We provide empathy to build congruence with the individuals that we serve.  Our only requirement is a desire to make a change.


TEECH Foundation is a Faces and Voices of Recovery Organizational Affiliate

Assisting with Developing Recovery Community Organizations (RCO's) in Communities


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