TEECH Foundation's goal is for no person to walk out of our doors the way they walked in. We aim to provide them with the assistance, resources, education, tools and skills that is needed to walk with their heads up and get the same respect, courtesy, recognition and opportunities as everyone else in society.

Success @ TEECH

This is what success looks like!

  • Received employment

    at Marianos!

  • I got a job and I'm ready to get to work!

  • We Stayed Connected!

    Meet the first group to gain employment after

    Shelter In Place!

  • I got a job and I'm focused on my next steps!

  • Gaining experience as a TEECH intern!

  • Celebrating Success

  • Celebrating Success

  • Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success!

Want to learn how TEECH Foundation

can help you achieve success?  We offer many services including vocational training and ongoing support to help build a strong foundation.  

TEECH Foundation

1750 W. 103rd Street

Chicago, IL 60643

((312) 539-5263

(773) 656-5567

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