T.E.E.C.H is a

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) Council. 

We support the individual and community by connecting them with the resources they need.

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T.E.E.C.H Foundation's vision is to continue fighting the fight of addiction by building a platform of unity and resources through advocacy and education with the goal of sustaining long-term recovery. T.E.E.C.H strives to build communities that no longer fear or stigmatize the recovering or mentally challenged person but treats them with dignity and respect; therefore, offering services to make this vision a reality.

To dispel fear and enhance the love of self and others through the vehicle of education for the recovering person and community; embracing the philosophy, “If it’s to be, it is up to me”. T.E.E.C.H believes recovery is comprised of countless pathways that contribute to a healthy quality of life for those who are seeking long-term recovery. 

Create an environment that encourages and cultivates recovery for individuals with substance use issues.


Develop a supportive environment that allows for effective collaboration within the recovery community.


Implement effective communication that will promote sustainability, prevention, and early intervention in order to support their recovery.




T.E.E.C.H has provided recovery support services and workforce development services for more than 10,000 people with outstanding outcomes. According to an impartial third-party evaluation organization, in the year 2017, an average of 78% of participants have maintained recovery and continue to be gainfully employed. Our program representatives were invited to discuss green jobs and alternative energies at the White House in Washington, D.C., and cultural competency issues in San Antonio, Texas.   We have been recognized  for the following achievements:

  • White House Recognition-Invitation to Washington, D.C. to discuss green jobs and alternative energies.

  • Cultural Competency Recognition

  • Induction into the Chicago Green Hall of Fame

  • Recognition by SAMSHA for exemplary recovery support services in a Tri-State area

  •  Illinois Association of Addiction Professionals (IAAP)

  • United Mental Health Addiction Recovery Coalition (UMARC)




T.E.E.C.H Far Southside ROSC Initiative assisted with the successful effort to bring a Dollar General store into the Auburn Gresham Community which is an area classified as a food dessert.  This Dollar General offers mostly name brand food and household items to accommodate the community and is located at 7800 S Seeley Ave.


T.E.E.C.H added a Drug Overdose Prevention Program in response to the increase of opioid addiction and deaths within the country.  We offer training in the proper use of Naloxone, also known as Narcan; which can reverse the affects of opioid overdose.  This training is available to the community and professional staff.  It is our goal to provide resources and support to individuals, their family, and the community we serve.  View our Recovery Resource Guide for a list of support groups that may help

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