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Importance of Recovery Support, Celebration of Life,TEECH Alumni/ROSC PLE, Sherelle Dominique Ensley

Sherelle walked through the doors of TEECH Foundation Nov. 2019 as a referral from Claudia and Eddies Place, where she remained a TEECH Alumni and ROSC PLE until her transition.

Sherelle was like most participants, willing and ready to change her life because she understood that her health was declining. Sherelle was diagnosed with Leukemia at birth, and her mother was told she would not live past age 15. Well, she proved the doctors wrong. She lived to the age of 37. She vowed not to die under the influence of drugs and alcohol.


Leukemia is a cancer of the body's blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Many types of Leukemia exist. Some forms of Leukemia are more common in children. Other forms of Leukemia occur mostly in adults. Leukemia usually involves white blood cells. Your white blood cells are potent infection fighters — they normally grow and divide in an orderly way, as your body needs them. But in people with Leukemia, the bone marrow produces excessive abnormal white blood cells, which don't function properly.

Sherelle disclosed that her mom passed when she was young, and she did not have much family support or strong relationships. So, TEECH became the support system that assisted her with maintaining her recovery by providing her with continuous referrals to ensure she was getting the best medical care.

Sherelle met Denise Veal while in the program, and they became support for one another. They eventually moved on but kept in touch while supporting one another. Their relationship grew, and they married four years ago. Denise cared for Sherelle until her transition, with the last two years of her life being the most challenging.

Sherelle's limited family and friends' support ended with Denise attempting to pull together financial support as well as support and a place to have Sherelle a memorial. Denise placed a call to TEECH and the ROSC Council. The news was devastating, but we were grateful to be part of the support that was needed at this time. Having a support system in place is vital to recovery. Sometimes family and friends cannot be the support required because of past experiences with a loved one. However, Alumni’s, Recovery Support Groups, ROSC, and RCOs will always pull together for those in active addiction and recovery when called upon.

Just a friendly reminder, it is vital that those in active addiction and recovery maintain strong support systems.

Sherelle will always be remembered for her desire to put a smile on other’s faces although she was struggling with her own battles. Her laughter will be remembered as she continued to speak hope to others on the importance of maintaining recovery, supportive networks and healthy relationships.

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