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Spring Into Health & Wellness

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Question is ... Why Should We Spring Into Health & Wellness?

The World Health Organization stated that at least 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes, and up to 40 percent of cancer could be prevented if people ate better, engaged in more physical activity and quit using tobacco. Kansas State University

Everyone should try to eat well and engage in physical activity. These habits are beneficial for all; whether you’re overweight, underweight or at a healthy weight. Simple changes can make a big impact on a person's well-being. Kansas State University

Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults

Picture of body identifying benefits of healthy eating for adults.

  • May help you live longer

  • Keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy

  • Supports muscles

  • Boosts immunity

  • Strengthens bones

  • Lowers risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers

  • Supports healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding

  • Helps the digestive system function

  • Helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Overall, taking care of our health will allow us to live longer. If we work to change many of our eating and activity habit; we will change or maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle for years to come. This is why we our hosting the Spring Into Health & Wellness event.

The Spring Into Health & Wellness event is a special event hosted by the TEECH Foundation and the Far Southside ROSC Initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle and habits. The event will feature engaging activities, workshops, and resources to help participants learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle. There will be a variety of experts on hand to help attendees learn more about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress-management, and other important components of health and wellness.

There will also be a live DJ, Saxophonist, Comedian, and activities to keep everyone entertained. All are welcomed and the event is open to the public, so come join us and find out how to live a healthier, more balanced life!

We will also have a dynamic speaker, prizes, and give-a-ways! Come dressed ready to walk the Red Carpet! You can reserve your spot here.

Gala Guest and Entertainers

Bryant Turner John F. White. DJ Lip Gloss

To Learn More and Reserve Your Seat, visit our website.

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