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TEECH/FSSRI Dare to Dream 2nd Annual GALA

The GALA was to rejuvenate those who attended. Sometimes, we lose sight of our dreams when everything happens in our personal lives and the world. Sometimes, we tend to put others before ourselves, and our dreams do not flourish.

Our Keynote Speaker, Mrs. Latrina Joshua, RN, brought us to our feet as she delivered a message of hope. She spoke of the hardships during COVID with her business and how bills were still coming in, but more money was needed to be made.

She eventually embraced the feeling of letting everything go. However, she did not allow her thoughts to overpower her dream of providing and showing people the importance of health and wellness. Latrina emphasizes that dreaming gives you the ability to....

"Never give up no matter what it looks like."

Mr. Orion Meadows, a Motivational Speaker, enlightened us as he spoke words of encouragement with deep meaning.

He talked about how his life seemed doomed while serving a 24-year sentence in prison. However, he used this time to dream and dream big because that was all he had to keep him sane and alive which was to write poetry.

Orion's poetry spoke to the “importance of holding on to your dreams when they write you off.”

TEECH/FSSRI acknowledges some of our partners who have done outstanding work throughout the year as they supported TEECH/FSSRI on their mission and goals. Awards were presented to the following:

  • Bethany Union Historical Church 1st Far Southside Certified Recovery Congregation on the Far Southside of Chicago.

  • Latrina Joshua - Bijou Body Spa

  • Exceptional Businesswomen and Dedicated ROSC Member

  • Lashawn Rickman – Brighter Behavior Choices Inc. and the Recovery Café'

  • Phenomenal Community Networker and Dedicated ROSC Member

  • Sheila Rickman 

  • Far Southside Community Supporter, Educator, and Dedicated ROSC Member.

  • Clarity Clinics 

  • TEECH/FSSRI Most Invested Private Donor and Dedicated ROSC Member

  • Robbins Park District 

  • Diligent collaboration with Youths and Dedicated ROSC Members

Overall, everyone in attendance was inspired to Dream Big! They enjoyed themselves and obtained the knowledge to take them further and build a brighter future.

If you would like to be a part of our efforts and how we impact the community, please consider donating to our efforts. Please visit

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