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TEECH Foundation offers job readiness skills and training so each individual who enters into our program can become self-supportive and understand their self-worth. This can enhance their self-esteem so they become mindful of their values and goals. They are trained on environmental services using green products. This training allows them to obtain employment in hospitals, restaurants and other organizations or to become self-employed if they choose too. TEECH has established relationships with organizations who hire those who complete the TEECH Foundation program, giving us an overall success rate of 98% of individuals who have entered the program remained sober, are gainfully employed, and have obtained their own housing.
  • Employment Coaching 

  • Job Readiness

  • Employment Training and Placement

  • Environmental Services with Green Products

  • Computer Lab

TEECH Foundation

1750 W. 103rd Street

Chicago, IL 60643

((312) 539-5263

(773) 656-5567

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