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TEECH Is Back!

TEECH Foundation understood the need to continue providing services to the community and have adjusted to "The New Norm."  Our services have been altered  to comply with state-required safety measures to keep our participants, staff, and the community we serve safe.  For a view of how our support has helped to create opportunities visit our Success@TEECH page. 




Our facility is open to the public with limited capacity.   All persons entering the building will have their temperature taken and wear a mask in order to receive services; if you do not have a mask, we will  provide one for you.  As the city and state expand the number of people who can gather, we will increase our "in-person" services with health and safety measures being observed.  We are continuing our Tele-Health Services to ensure we meet the needs of our participants

Meeting the needs of those in the community is a priority of TEECH Foundation.  We know that not everyone can come into our facility to receive services, especially our senior citizens and those that are disabled.  We are available to offer assistance to individuals in need such as medication pick and delivery, PPE supplies, and food.  If you or anyone you know is in need please call:  

Dr. White -  (224) 406-3798

Working together is the cornerstone of our ROSC community partners.  As we've continued to meet the challenges of moving forward during these uncertain times, TEECH Foundation is happy to announce our upcoming ROSC meeting and Narcan Training!  These will be held online via Zoom.  We invite you to attend, click the links below for more information.

Virtual Training On 

TEECH Foundation is helping to keep the community we serve safe by using tools that promote social responsibility by keeping them connected. 

TEECH has incorporated Tablets as a learning tool to prepare our participants for the  "New Norm."


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