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The Continuum of Care

Updated: May 24, 2022

Frederick Buford RC, CPRS

My life was typical, wife, children, friends, employment, house, car, and a healthy relationship with my family. Who would have ever thought I would eventually travel down a road of darkness and hopelessness.

Frederick said he began a life of addiction due to being curious, and within a year, he had lost everything. His addiction took him down roads that he could have never imagined, whereas becoming jobless, homeless, and distant from his family, ultimately in and out of the legal system. However, Frederick said, "I did not want to live the destructive life I had encountered because of drugs. So, I prayed daily for a life-saving intervention while fearing that I was slowly approaching death."


Frederick said one particular day, he and a friend purchased some substances. But, he said, "the last thing I remembered was using half a bag and waking up in Stroger hospital. Tubes in my body and family members praying for me to not die." FREDERICK HAD OVERDOSED!!!!


Frederick said, "this was the beginning of my life-changing, and I felt my prayers were about to be answered."


Frederick said while in Stroger hospital the Haymarket Center sent a team of people to meet with him. They offered him the best opportunity of his life, DETOX, AND RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT. Frederick said he declined Medication Assistance because he wanted to be done with everything and live without depending on anything to function. He said I wanted to get back to my life as I once knew it."


Fredrick said he stayed in Haymarket for 5 months. While in the program, he saw a flyer for

Chicago Recovering Communities (CRCC). He began services with them while still at Haymarket. Frederick said once he left Haymarket, he went to reside with his daughter but remained in the CRCC recovery support program. Upon completion, he engaged in their BCOR recovery coaching program. Frederick completed the BCOR program, and the next step was the internship in which he was placed at TEECH Foundation.


When I came to TEECH, I was apprehensive, nervous, and questioned my capabilities because I could not work a computer. But today, I can say I can effectively operate a computer and assist the students/PLE’S when in need.

Frederick said, I knew I wanted what TEECH had to offer, so I took everything offered and dove right in. Not knowing what to expect, I was put in many trainings and classes and had extensive supervision. But, I knew I had to keep up the pace to be a part of the team at TEECH. So, I put my all in and accomplished more than I ever expected in the 2 years I have been with TEECH Foundation.


  • Long-Term Recovery

  • Stable Housing

  • Vehicle

  • Family Unity

  • Full–Time Employment with TEECH

  • ROSC Coordinator

  • Recovery Coaching Certification through CCAR

  • Mentorship Certification

  • Domestic Violence Certification

  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)

Frederick said, “this was a real continuum of care and if I had not had all the services, I would not have had such a successful outcome.”


Frederick plans to enter Daley College to seek his Associate's Degree in Addiction Studies in September 2022.

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